About Accurate Equipment Company

Accurate Equipment Company is a state of art manufacturing unit, specialised in the Research, Development, Engineering and Marketing of high-quality products. We take great pride in our worldwide reputation for excellence in innovation, Quality, and Performance.
With over seven years of experience in the industry, our products are well proven in the field, and we can design, test, and manufacture tube fittings and valves specific to the customer's application. Our computerized precision-manufacturing capabilities allow design flexibility, efficient production, and enhanced quality products. We aim to ensure total customer satisfaction. Full professional customer service is provided through a worldwide sales and service distributor network.
Commitment Drives Performance 
Our organization holds a long-term view of how to operate a successful, responsible company. This commitment is evident in four key areas:

  • Treating everyone with whom we come in contact with integrity and respect – core values that we strive to live by each day
  • Ensuring our operational and financial integrity and stability, and maintaining sound corporate governance 
  • Continually enhancing our technical capabilities and thought leadership – and making them impactful for customers
  • Controlling what we can control, which means innovating and adding value no matter what the economic and market conditions

We believe that a successful, sustainable enterprise starts with being a good corporate citizen. Our corporate values – Customer Focus, Quality, Integrity and Respect for the Individual, Innovation and Continuous Improvement – guide everything we do. 

With your support, we are able to be a preferred employer, a high-quality technology-driven supplier, a critical link in the supply chain, and a responsible corporate citizen – all of which define us as a sustainable organization. I encourage you to engage with us through our sales and service centre to discover how we can partner in Creating Sustainable Performance through Shared Commitment.